Amanda Kiefer

Amanda Kiefer    530.575.0947

Software Skills
Adobe Photoshop Microsoft Office Years of traditional art experience
Adobe Illustrator Autodesk Maya Years of study as a digital concept artist
Adobe After Effects Adobe Flash Experienced graphic designer
Adobe InDesign Knowledge of game pipelines

Related Experience:

Broken Egg Games: Illustrator April 2016-June 2016 Freelance icon artist for the Warmachine franchise for the client Privateer Press. Working within the Broken Egg team and receiving feedback from the client to nail the Warmachine style and collaborate on which color and textures look best on a constant communicative basis helped me become a better co-worker and team collaborator. My role is rendering icons to finalization and I collaborate with the CEO, illustrators, and concept artists using their feedback to make my designs work as well as possible.

Realmwalker Publishing: Illustrator October 2015-Febuary 2016 Illustrated book covers for the recently published title “The Guardian’s Exile” by Danielle Airola, and unpublished titles. I was given summaries of the characters and stories, which allowed me to be a better concept artist and illustrator because I was able to create practical, lifelike character designs and powerful compositions within tight deadlines.

Sketchy Panda Games: Character Concept Artist May-August 2015 Worked as a character concept artist for pre-production from start to finish on a game prototype for the Kickstarter “Aberford”, which raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter with hundreds of thousands of fans who were drawn to the Kickstarter page from my art posted on Aberford’s blog. I created all of the characters and enemies in the prototype, each with clothing that was accurate to the time period and worked with the personalities of the characters while keeping practicality in mind. I solved problems with my designs while sticking to a retro comic book style. This relative freedom allowed me to become a visionary. Close collaboration with the art director helped this come to fruition and helped the starting stages immensely, making me a better team member.

Interceptor Entertainment (3D Realms): Concept Artist April-May 2015: I created mood and environment concepts for an upcoming game title. I worked as a pre-production artist in a cartoony, simple style that was outside of my comfort zone, enabling me to broaden my horizons and making me a better creator.

4Gency Entertainment: Promotional Illustrator Sept 2014-Nov 2014: I created character portrait illustrations for the game “Habitat” in the style of the game, using the costume designs provided.

Lightmare Studios: Illustrator May 2014-August 2014: Illustrator for the card game “Infinity Wars”. ”. I was asked to animate my illustrations for these cards in After Effects, and with the help of the art director, I was able to successfully create animated loops for each card. This helped me be a better implementor and collaborator, and I worked both inside and outside my comfort zone.

Night Light Interactive/Animax Entertainment: Concept Artist/Illustrator Sept 2013-December 2014: I created character and environmental concept art, and in-game prop and furniture assets for the published mobile game title "Whispering Willows". This project allowed me a lot of freedom within a style I enjoyed, allowing me to problem solve within all stages of the project including early pre-production and become a visionary who set the foundation for the art style of the game. I also gained follow-through skills, taking sketchy designs and finalizing them to work as 2D assets months down the line.

2K Games: Quality Assurance Tester July 2012 - July 2013: I worked on the title Bioshock Infinite finding and recording issues in various software databases.

Fifth Sun Graphics: Graphic Designer June 2010-February 2012: : I worked with a team within a pipeline to create graphics using fonts and in-house art for junior's, girl's, men's, and boy's apparel for Hot Topic, Zumiez, Urban Outfitters, and Target. I have done work for many licenses including Blizzard, Angry Birds, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Star Wars. Working with these licenses and creating art that was made for different retailers and groups gave me implementation skills and helped me learn to collaborate in order to sell my designs.

Conference Associate Volunteer-Game Developer.s Conference 2011,2012, 2014, and 2015


CSU Chico, Chico, CA: Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Graphics, Emphasis in Production and Fine Art.
Extensive training in traditional and digital art, from graphic design to modeling to extensive video game testing. Won first place in the ECGA awards (excellence in computer graphics) for digital concept art.

References available upon request